Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday’s Mirth

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I left with an unexplained smile.
Morning felt long like the Nile.
There’s enough time for everything today.
I leave with all ammunition planned for the DAY.
Now 7PM feels like a click away.
The ride to my perennial destination had never felt this good.
What does this day have which the past few days don’t?
The sixth day of the week; always makes me happy.
The dearth that I carried the past few days is today’s Mirth.
O my Friday’s Mirth, when will we make love again?
It’s Friday again.



d gypsy! said...


pretty metaphysical

Abraham said...

what i like in this bit is the manner in which u carry out the beginning and reach the end....
u leave with an unexplained smile and the day moves in a direction that explains the beginning... i think what this day has that others don't is realization written all over its usual course.... destinations remain the same... the path remains the same... the travel brings realizations..... one of them being, soon you will be no more the your morose self.. soon you will be free... soon you will be able to choose... soon you will be able to live. The air of expectancy brings more joy than most other things.
Love the friday mirth.. love it like you love your mistress... but remember you go back home to your wife.... cheers

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