Monday, March 23, 2009


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Imagine a situation wherein YOU are an entrepreneur.
People around YOU pay YOU, so that YOU can tie-up with one of the best advertising agencies in town.
They pay YOU to afford more space in premium newspapers.
With THEIR payment YOU can pay an Interior Designer, WHO YOU know for a fact is making a killing out of YOU.
They pay YOU so that YOU can afford a premium space in YOUR town.
They ensure that YOU can afford swanky radio jingles.
They pay YOU so that YOU can collect money from PEOPLE, WHO want to talk to THEM.
Ok, let me keep it short & simple.
I AM talking about the coffee that we have at premium Coffee outlets in OUR city, where WE know for a fact that WE are paying ten times the cost of each sip.
WE pay THEM ten times the money without even knowing that THEY are making money by just OUR presence in THEIR outlet anyways.
This reminds ME of MY Rs. 2.50 ‘Chai’ from ‘CHAND BHAI’.
I have been HIS loyal customer from the times when OUR generation had no clue about the concept of a BRAND.
His tea is not branded. He has no other outlets. I don’t pay HIM so that HE can advertise, afford newspaper ads, pay interior designers who would make a killing out of HIM, so that HE can shift HIS outlet to a premium spot in town and so on.
His tea promises only one thing every time.


My intention here is not to degrade any coffee outlets in the City.
My only intention if any, is to bring out the essence of very small things in our life, like enjoying a cup of tea.
I also want to clarify that, I don’t write my articles in paragraphs so that you guys have a visual relief when you read my blogs. I am sure you guys read my blogs after a crazy trip down the crowded roads of Bangalore.
All pronouns are in uppercase, to get your attention to all the characters involved.
And that ‘CHAND BHAI’ is a real character in my life and I do visit his tea shop almost every day with a friend of mine.


Melvin Pereira said...

True dude,

I remember having my by-two tea in bangalore so much. Add some rain, a bike ride and a "King" or "gold flake" to that, and ola .. you have a great, great tea !!

My by-two tea guy was this bakery guy called "Chetta" dint really know his real name, just "Chetta" .....

The simple pleasures of like .. hmm ..

Leena said...

Very true Leo. We never realise the truth and keep on going to the branded outlets missing out the real Chand Bhai's. :)

Tarun Goel said...

Hey!! A nice one man. Thanks for visting me :)
Life is Beautiful

Satyadarshini said...

We miss the pleasures the little things....u have a good eye for it :)
Thanks for reminding the world!!

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