Friday, March 6, 2009

The Only Constant

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People around me have CHANGED.
The way we look to the outside world has CHANGED.
India has CHANGED.
The streets have CHANGED.
It’s not the old Bangalore anymore, so Bangalore has CHANGED.
Your Girlfriend has CHANGED.
Your Boyfriend has CHANGED.
You are married, so your freedom has CHANGED.
The way India and Pakistan solve their disputes have CHANGED (Oops that was a close constant).
All of us have CHANGED. So get CHANGED. As it is the only CONSTANT.



Abraham said...

Its a good thing that you started with I have changed and then u said that people around you have changed.
That bring in an unbiased nature - a factual element to the bit.
I see a bit of me, Justin, Tony, an old Bangalorean in a young man, and a few more unmentionables reflecting off the lyrics.
I guess the changes in you combined with the changes around you have had a moving impact on your soul now.
Its like old sayings have brought new meanings now.

One free day in the office and the blog is revived. You put me on to blogs and its only fair that you continue to blog so here is saying Cheers to Free Time at work and continuing Changes all around... i guess it takes a combination of things to revive something thats been dead for a long time......

Leo P L said...

Well said Rinju. I guess the free time is an Irony. We all get the same 24 hrs a day. What we do with it and how we mange it makes a lot of difference. We all know that theory, but man to make those theories practical is a huge challenge.

I wanna fight against each second that I used to procastinate, which at the End of the day was forcing me to declare that I have no time for anything.

Your lust for anything will ensure that It makes time for everything that you lust for...

Suzan said...

I like the idea of change being the only constant... It's only a seemingly paradox, which really makes sens - on different levels: personal, but also international/political.
Leo, wanted to thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I see now here why you commented on the relation between words and visuals - it's how you roll :)

leo P L said...

Thanks for your comment Suzan. I love your photographs. It's like you loose track of time looking at your photographs.

Anonymous said...

interesting !!

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