Thursday, August 9, 2007


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Five days are up, now you are eager to spend those two days that we get for ourselves. Then, the day arrives…Thank God It's Friday. Friday evening, you can go to bed with the realization that there’s nothing on the agenda for tomorrow.

Then it’s Saturday morning. Woke up late…what time is it? Around 10 maybe. What now…how come no call from anyone. There is some kind of emptiness. Why why why…? Those five days, when I am stuck at work I wanted a break. But, why did I need thisbreak?

Then the news from Mom, that some cousin of yours is getting married, or is it that, that cousin got married long back and then had a kid and it’s that kids naming ceremony. Or is it that, that cousin already named her kid and that they have moved into a new house and it’s their house warming ceremony. The list goes on…it could be anything. Some cousin, uncle, aunty or family friend is doing some dam-thing and we need to be there. But mom I get only these two days? No that, no this, you must attend….here goes my weekend…

After all this the time is 9:30 on a Sunday. Then the thought that from tomorrow it is waking up at 7:30 and rushing yourself for every dam thing and rush to work…supposed to be at work by 9:45…but its already 10:15…get back to the program…it will run until Friday 6:30pm…

Then life goes on and on and on…2009 will be the same



deepika said...

ha ha ha thats rit,totally get u man, life's a vicious circle

Anuna said...


i thought it was an isolated feelin that only i got :)

but its absolutely true, life's beaautiful on Fridays and Sunday evenings suck.. :)

And i share the same feeling why dont moms understand its only these two days we have on our own..?

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