Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Independence from Dependence

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Independence from Dependence

60 years of freedom
Been a part of it for 27 years now
Parade ground will be getting all decked-up for March past
Restrictions in most parts of the town tomorrow
VVVIP’s visits all over the city
Another holiday for school children
A break from the normal routine for the IT crowd
An opportunity for friends to unite
But with all kind of dependence for our every-day life ‘Independence’ is the most abused word
Ask a kite what independence is
Ask a paper plane what independence is
Ask the fresh air that you hardly inhale what independence is
If you break-free from dependence that's your independence.



Satyadarshini said...

"Ask me what a pain it is, to be reading this, when you are making plans for tomorrow"
U have a good sense of humor Leo :)

"Let’s give it our best shot and redefine ‘independence’ in our lives at least"....
Yes friend, this is what we need to be doing now...

Jyotsna said...

Hi Leo ,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like the defining pics you have put before every post.
I completely agree, Independence is one of the most abused words today. Espacially by the youth, who habe no idea what it means to be really free.
keep writing ...

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