Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Light and darkness

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Light and darkness

I walk holding hands
Forming a chain is a daily affair for me
Bonding is a necessity
Bangalore/ New York is the same to me
Advertising to me is useless
I am sure to love a person for what she/he is
Sound is my ultimate truth
I don’t need to look at that 17inch screen during work
My colors are my emotions
I can go to a concert and stand out, to still be there ‘right in the front’
Height fear…no way…I have none of it
Fear of darkness…you are kidding…that’s my constant companion

What’s darkness to you is light to me

If you are able to read this, that is your greatest gift in life. Vision?


Abraham said...

I walk holding hands
Forming a chain is a daily affair

Killer lines....
also loved the fear of darkness being your constant companion. Guess its your fears that define you..

sunshine said...

What’s darkness to you is light to me

When in darkness you see light ...then your perception or thought- process is ur greatest gift.

And vision is secondary cos most of us already have a mental image of everything before we see it!

Great thinking!

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