Monday, July 30, 2007

Farewell which is not welcome

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Farewell... (Which is not welcome?)
Will I see you again?
How long will you be gone this time?
They say this time it would take longer,
Whom am I to believe.
I am sure you will be back to say hi again.
This time I really don’t mind those pranks,
that you play.
When you are here, I don’t get to miss you.
When you are near, there’s no reason to miss you.
You should have let me miss you when you were here?
They say my friend that you are dead.
Whom am I to believe.
Will I see you again?

Leo P L
I really don’t have an exact reason why I wrote this. But, I like it. There are few people in your life who mean a lot to you. Loosing these individuals would mean a disaster. But, even with these people around you, the very thought of living without them will freak you out.

Few of you guys would have lost these important individuals already in your life…All I can say is, I really can relate to that pain.

I hope that you find them some day.

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pradeep said...

Liked it gives a real picture of life and death.

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