Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

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Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
We see this text on our car or bike’s rear view mirror.
What this means is “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”, period.
This post is just an attempt to contemplate the above line differently.
Well for this let’s make small changes in the characters.
The driver here represents all of us.
The mirror represents the ‘Ultimate Truth’, trying to convey a message.
The road represents ‘Life’.
And now the twist, the road ahead of us, is the ‘Past’ or the ‘Illusion’ in our life.
The road behind us is the ‘Future’.
The car is the ‘Present’ (all the science students can revisit their relativity theories).
The steering wheel is our ‘Inner-drive’ to do anything and everything in life.
Now I can go-on-and-on and make this sound like a user manual of a car.
But, that’s not the intention here.
The intention is to warn the driver that, what he sees in the rear view mirror is not his distant future.
And now the million-dollar question, @ Rs. 50.64/ dollar as per current dollar rate.
What does the driver see in the rear view mirror?
The driver can see his old age, retirement, pension, grandchildren, being impotent, huge medical bills, some stranger (*#&^%$) enjoying all his earnings and ultimately death.
You all had looked forward to your last exam in SSLC, the first day at college, the first kiss, the first drunken spell, the first day in a different city all by yourself, the first salary treat to your parents, so on and so forth.
They all looked like a distant future at some time in the distant past.
But they all came and they are history in your life now.
All our rear view mirror is trying to say is, dude these events in your life look like a distant future now, but watch-out they are much closer to you than they appear.

April Fools Day wishes to all of us.



Gomzy said...

Nice one buddy.

On another note , Steven Spielberg has used that sign ( objects in the mirror....) so effectively in the movie Jurassic Park.

They show the mirror when a Trex is chasing one of the Jeeps. :)

Melvin Pereira said...

dude .. too much heavy stuff for fool's day ... dont you think ??

d gypsy! said...

i agree with melvin above but i liked the context of it though not in context too april 1...

u've drawn some nice striking thought here...

sunshine said...

jus a thought ... its just seems weird when u say that the image in the mirror is the future .... but i like ur take on the entire thing ..cheers keep writing.

Satyadarshini said...

I have read and heard about people's experiences on a long motorbike drives can get philosophical and spiritual......your post is sure one such reflection

And life does fly by even before we realize its there and gone too :)

Awesome post!!!

Abraham said...

I must agree that objects in the mirror are definitely closer than they appear. It makes a good read on a usual day and a better read on a day when all one wants to do is trip... long rides and company of a few thoughtful ones definitely make a difference. I think it gives you a different take on life.
Under no circumstance do i doubt your sincerity when writing. I know for a fact that this thought is completely yours. But dear frnd, as Benjamin Button beat you to actual implementation, sadly this idea too has been discovered, explored and presented... sorry about this... try looking up the Tata Ace ad.
I guess its not always a first come first serve world...

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